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Want to see what it takes to start a multimillion-dollar business? Insights into Cap Treeger's book

Book Review: Finding the Way by Cap Treeger


For anyone interested in starting a company or entrepreneurship in general, Finding the Way is a great read. It takes you on a journey of a real startup, giving a direct view into what entrepreneurship looks like. This book was written by a personal mentor of mine and local Atlanta businessman under the pen name of Cap Treeger.


Finding the Way puts the reader in the driver's seat of a real business. Everything from ideating, raising funds, and even selling the company are aspects of a startup’s lifecycle that are closely described in the book. The main character, Ren, receives guidance from different mentors as he learns how to bring on new hires, step down as CEO, and be there for his family through it all. I particularly enjoyed the tangible examples included within the story. Treeger takes you into actual moments where major decisions are made. You feel like you are a part of real conversations. He uses unorthodox methods of interviewing “by observing how someone drove” to see if they will fit the job. There is also the story of an employee who is “a disaster” and Ren has to let him go. These are just two of many examples included in the story, as Ren learns to “fight as many battles up front as possible.”


Part of why I believe this book is so valuable is the credibility of the author behind it. Treeger is both a serial entrepreneur and investor. This has entailed both direct investments in several dozen early state companies as well as hundreds more through angel and venture funds. He has seen everything detailed in the book firsthand and provides tangible takeaways that have been approved by business leaders around the globe.


To sum this book up, it has amazing insights and perspectives into the life of an entrepreneur. As one of the mentors in the book describes, when it comes to starting a business, “the roller coaster analogy is spot on - just add lightning, heavy rain and strong winds to the image, and then you're close to what it really feels like.” This serves as a great summary and conclusion of the book. This book is perfect for those looking to gain insights into what it takes to be an entrepreneur, and can also serve as a resource for those along the way.

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