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Want to live a legendary life? Here’s your guide to do just that in Tommy Breedlove’s book Legendary


When thinking about a field guide for putting your life together, look no further than Legendary. It’s a fantastic resource, with short chapters on different topics that lead to foundational skills for living your best life.


As described on the back cover, some of the topics covered are discovering your life’s purpose, taking control of your time, building trustworthy relationships and so much more! While this can sound very generic, this book gives in-depth insights into each of those topics. I really enjoyed the “Legendary Actions” at the end of each chapter, as that really separates this book from others. It gives you thought-provoking and tangible ways to apply to the content covered.

What I took away

My favorite parts were learning more about the impact of “your inner circle” and “getting focused.” I have new perspectives thrown at me that challenged and made me think about how I was currently approaching these topics. Something else the book emphasized is how many people read books, but don’t actually take any action from them. This is something I realized I did, and after reading this I started to better highlight and implement advice from books. There are other resources and books cited throughout, which help give you great next steps beyond the “Legendary Actions.” Many of the recommended books have been fantastic next steps after gaining a foundation through this book.


This book is best for someone looking to take actionable advice toward personal development and bettering themselves. I would give it an 8.5/10. You definitely get out what you put into this read. If you are willing to follow the advice and actions, you will start to see immediate results. If not, you will be left with a ton of ideas you will forget in the next couple of days without implementation. No matter if you are a student looking to build a foundation or an executive with a couple of things you are looking further into, this book will serve you well if you put in the work.

About the author

Tommy Breedlove is the Wall Street Journal and USA Today Best Selling Author of the Book, “Legendary” and the founder of the Legendary Life Movement.… A movement that empowers driven people to be Pros in Leadership, Business, Mindset, & their Relationships. Tommy challenges high achievers to stop chasing the Ghost of “More” & “When” and lean-in to the Legendary leaders, spouses, and humans they were born to be.

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