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Best Sources for Business News: Staying in the Know for Aspiring Professionals

There are many different segments that are covered when it comes to news in the business world. With so many sources out there, I broke it down into three categories: financial, global, and local news. Below are a couple that have been recommended to me by mentors that I find helpful and worth reading.

Investing / Financial News


There is no better source than Barrons in the financial / investing world. Barrons is the most respected newspaper when it comes to investing and finance. There are sections about stock picks, news about Wall Street, and interviews with financial executives. Reading articles in Barrons helps me stay current on anything related to investing and financial news.

Global / National News

Wall Street Journal

In terms of THE newspaper/source of business news, there is nothing better than the Wall Street Journal. The Wall Street Journal covers all news around the world through a business lens. Whether it's the economy, what's going on in capitol hill or in the markets, you can find it here. I have even heard in some finance interviews that they ask what the daily headline of the Wall Street Journal is. Many colleges (including Georgia Tech) cover the cost of a subscription because they too see how valuable it is, so make sure to take advantage of your school’s resources.

Local Scale / Atlanta News

Atlanta Business Chronicle

For local news, my go-to is the Atlanta Business Chronicle. When reading this, you are able to see what is going on in your local community. The Atlanta Business Chronicle does profiles on local leaders, highlights projects and companies, and even has events to attend as well. When you want to know what professionals and businesses in the Atlanta community are up to, the Atlanta Business Chronicle should be your source.

Those are my three picks for news on a local and national scale. If there are any other major sources you think people should know about, please put them below in the comments.

Matthew Pinto

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